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Big Thumb Tea supplier currently provides a weekly delivery service on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You may place an order on our website over the weekend, we will process your order on Monday. If your order is placed before 12, it will be sent and processed to the warehouse on the same day. Once the order has completed its packaging, it will be shipped the next day. A delivery notification will be sent to the associated email address related to your account. If you are in Ireland, provided with no delays, your order will arrive in 2 working days. Although the above is the general guideline in which we operate, but considering potential delays and uncertainty factors, please try and place orders in advance to avoid delays. We will try to deliver as soon as possible. Please when signing up for the account, provide accurate information of your address, phone and name and make sure that there is someone that could sign for the order between 10:00 – 18:00 in the address provided. If you miss a delivery, a re-delivery fee may be charged to your account. We are working closely with our warehouse and delivery partners to reduce the delivery times. The cost of delivery will be adjusted according to the total price of the goods, all goods with a price below €1200, a delivery cost will be charged based on the product prices. While no delivery costs are charged with goods over €1200. If your order is for collection, you may place the order and collect the goods at the warehouse the next day. To reduce any human errors and mistakes, we do not recommend placing any order through WeChat or Email. 

大拇指奶茶供应商暂时提供一周2天的送货服务,星期二或者星期三。您也可以在周末时间上我们的网站下订单, 我们将在星期一统一处理订单,如果您是在下午12店之前下的订单,它将在同一天处理并发送到仓库,一旦您的订单打包完成,我们会在次日发货。您将在晚上收到您帐户相关联的电子邮件地址的发货通知。如果您位于爱尔兰,并且没有快递延误,您的订单通常会在收到此通知后的2个工作日交付,虽然以上是我们运作的一般准则,但是考虑到潜在的延迟和不确定性因素,请您尽可能的提前订单,我们会努力尽快交付。请您注册账号时务必填写好相关信息(地址,电话,姓名)并且确保在10:00-18:00时间之间有人可以在您选择的交付地址签名并接受交付。如果错过交付,可能会收取重新交付费用。 我们正在与我们的仓库和交付合作伙伴密切合作,以减少这些时间。送货的费用会根据货物的总价来调整,低于1200欧元的货物总价我们会在产品价格的基础上征收送货费用高1200欧元免费配送。如果您是自取请您在前一天在网站上下订单次日就可以前往我们的仓库提取货物,